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WordPress: The difference Between Categories and Tags

wordpress_logoI wanted to clear up the difference between categories and tags in WordPress, something I find myself explaining very often to clients new to the WordPress publshing platform. WordPress Categories are your table of contents. WordPress Tags are your index words, think of a book metaphor;

WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are your table of contents, at the front of a book there’s a “Contents” which showcases the main chapters of content for the book. The Categories are the hierarchy of your content.

A blog post normally has one category, though it may fit in one or two categories, or even in sub categories.

WordPress Tags

Tags are your index words, at the back of a book is an “Index”, a listing of words which you can find specific information. Just like your index in a book your WordPress tags are a link, but, a hyperlink to related information.

A blog post normally has two or three descriptive tags.

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  1. If you begun a blog without categories, just used tags for each post, it would unveil what your categories should truly be, along with what you truly enjoy writing about.

  2. Thanks for clearing this was up – I was unsure of the difference :).

  3. Nice post – thanks for clearing that up in a nice lucid manner.

  4. Thanks for posting. It’s really helpful to clear the differences. thank you.

  5. Very nice, clear definitions and examples – thanks.

  6. bob bitchen

    deceptively simple, yet elegant…

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