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Design Critique Of The Week 11

manchester-city-football-clubThis weeks design critique is the new blue Manchester City Football Club website, design by Poke London whom have set the standard for the rest of the premier league clubs. A classy minimal feel with sharp square edges in this context representing solidity and boldness.The information hierarchy is designed to highlight key information for the supporters with high quality photography and bold headings, this design looks like a typical modern blog. Lets Discuss.

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  1. Another example of how blog design fundamentals of clear informational structure and crystal clear content has affected all sectors when designing a website. Blog design is the new black?

  2. I like this site – it’s well set out and easy to navigate.

  3. Paul Dickinson

    I hate Man City.

  4. Ben

    A fine example of squeezing in content but still making it easy to read and easy to find.

  5. I love this style of layout! Clean, simple but really effective and large bold fonts are really in trend at the moment.

  6. nice effective design …one of the best in 2009

    I posted this http://seoandy.com/top-redesigns-of-2009 with my top 5 and as you may guess MCFC.co.uk is in there

  7. Very effective web design! I like it!

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