January 16, 2010 in Web Marketing Tip

Web Marketing Tip: Individual Web Page Optimization


This web marketing tip comes hot on the heels of an insightful chat with a taxi driver earlier in the day. Hailing down the cab with a ferocious whistle, I took residence on the backseat. “Where to”, Mr Taxi Driver asked. “To the pet shop on Main Street”, I replied.

Optimizing Indivual Web Pages

Turning the key, the car jumped to life. “So”, quizzed Mr Taxi Driver, “got any good website marketing tips?”

“As it happens”, I retorted, “I do.”

“Think of a website as a loaf of bread. Websites are made of many single web pages – slices of bread if you like.

“That”, I explained, “is how Google indexes your website. Each individual page should have a topic and, therefore, each individual web page should have its own set of on-topic keywords and keyphrases.

“Cover one topic on one page and hyperlink to other pages when you wish to expand – that’s a web marketing tip for you”, I proclaimed.

Squealing to a halt, Mr Tax Driver peered over his left shoulder and shot a vacant glower in my direction. “That’ll be 15.60 mate”, he said.

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  1. There’s a lot you can do to optimise a single page. One of the things to do is to check that the page is W3C compliant.

  2. Yes the design is the easy part the hard part is keywording and content relevancy. This is the key to success.

  3. I usually sort the key phrase for a page with a strong theme, the generic pages I optimise for different locations upon the theme of the main site.

  4. Optimizing a web site for search engines actually involves concentrating on a number of unique ingredients of search engine optimization which can earn a certain website thousands of visitors and catch their attention as well. The secret here is to search keywords or key phrases that have a high search volume on Google, which simply means that if thousands of people are seeking for particular words, then you as a firm would want your website to appear in Google, and as high up the rankings as possible.

  5. I think off page optimization is just as important as on page. I also find it harder to get google backlinks than yahoo backlinks , my websites rank very high in yahoo for very competitive keywords but google is alot harder, sometimes a page difference

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