January 4, 2010 in Web Marketing Tip

Web Marketing Tip: Keyphrases, Not Keywords


A good web marketing strategy demands just that – a good web marketing strategy. So when it comes to fishing for keywords, cast a wide net in the keyword ocean.

Keyphrases Not Keywords Silly

When undertaking keyword research, keep in mind that 80% of searches are key phrases of three or more words.

When we do the math, it becomes clearer than a glass dog that aiming for a simple keyword might not be the best web marketing strategy. Go with me here: you are a world-renowned clown by the name of Bongo. Children travel for miles to bear witness to your knife juggling abilities.

Don’t be a sad clown by simply going for the keyword ‘juggler’ – this is unlikely to herald the best results and you won’t achieve high-end keywords without a massive budget and timeline.

Stick to a keyphrase and stretch things out. Bongo, for example, might benefit from the keyphrase ‘best knife juggler’.

So when it comes to web marketing, here’s a tip: build triumphant keyphrases of three or more words to achieve greater and realistic results.

Who’s a happy clown? You’re a happy clown.

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9 Responses to Web Marketing Tip: Keyphrases, Not Keywords

  1. Ben

    Thank you for this informative post I have been trying to get more traffic to my blog using simple keywords such as “design”, “product design” and “industrial design” how ever I have found that the majority of search engine visits are from as you say more then three word searches, with the occasional visits from my targeted keyword.

  2. An extra little tip, ensure your keyphrases contain your keywords I have evidence to suggest you’ll be building your both up when concentrating on key phrases.

  3. SEO has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with concerning my website. It seems that using three words will get hits from only specific searches, rather than general ones. I guess it’s a good place to start though. Informative.

  4. I would definitly agree with these remarks, and perhaps suggest that clients try and get these keywors into their domains as this really helps for SEO.

  5. Good tip thanks Chris, It does seem to help with your websites relevance.

  6. This is spot on. I almost always use keyphrases when doing SEO.

  7. This is a good tip, I also recommend if it applies to try and localise your search terms to an area, even if its the whole of the UK.

  8. One thing numerous article marketers disregard is to keep their articles brief and sweet. Even the most enlightening articles can trigger alluring waves of sleepiness sometimes.

  9. Awesome post you got here. I appreciate the time involved in coming up such informative post. I will be coming back for more. Thanks!

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