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Design Critique Of The Week 10

design-critique-pandaThis weeks design critique is the new Panda.org website, design by Clear Left. Natural and earthy color palette, lovely high quality photos and crystal clear calls to action, looking at a design like this one it is clear to see the effect blogs have had on web design; clear structure and readability. Lets Discuss.

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10 Responses to Design Critique Of The Week 10

  1. Love the simple navigation structure and the use of transparency on the tabs. The prominance of the logo is further re-enforced by the fact thats its the only element with a curve, though I would have used a few more curves in this design to friendly it up a little more.
    Great Job Clear Left.

  2. Hey, this is a really good design. I like the way the navigation copies the bar along the top, and the transparency adds to the slick look of the design. I agree with Anthony about the logo, it’s curve really emphasises the importance of it. Good Work 🙂

  3. I really like the design, I like the way they have incorporated all the social media and make the design fairly fluid. They have really managed to display the information in an easy to manage and read format. Clicking on internal pages, I still really like the design but don’t find that it flows as easily, again the amount of information they have to get across is massive but I am not sure that it works for me.

  4. I really enjoy the simplicity of the navigational structure. Easy to use and pleasing to the eye. A great design in my book, well done!

  5. Great design, it’s clean, simply and straightforward. I would reduce some of the content on the page though. It seems that there is the header, the main content, the news and information, and then four boxes on what I would classify generally as footer content. Maybe these could be consolidated a bit. It would make the page seem cleaner and easier to navigate.

  6. It does look good, nice n clean..

  7. I think Eric has a valid point, I like big footers on some sites but they should not damage the hierachial structure of the main content.

  8. For me, it is way too cluttered. I think they need to use drop down lists for links, rather than putting them as they are in the footer and the lower part of the home page.

  9. I like this design, it looks modern and fresh and isn’t trying too hard to be designery.

  10. Richard

    I admit its clean, but that`s as far as i can compliment it.
    there are images aligning uncomfortably in the News and information section.

    rounded corners randomly appearing in what is a very rectangular site.

    what are those ugly tab-like links under the featured news area?

    this is all bad, but this page is a total disaster:


    links which are one line per word, images breaking the out of the white container.
    its a mess. i hope this has been messed up by the clients?

    I expected more from clearleft

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