December 4, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: From Wonderwall

wonderwallThis weeks web design critique is from Wonderwall Interior design with an interesting take on visualizing content, I’m sure it doesn’t index with search engines or is as semantic and accessible as most navigation, but for visual pleasure navigating around the index of content, its wonderful. Lets Discuss.

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9 Responses to Web Design Critique: From Wonderwall

  1. I have been playing with this navigation for hours, its great fun, but I also the fact you font get losts in a web of flash goodness, the information architecture still works. You should also select a piece as the main pages navigate wonderfully too.

  2. It almost looks three dimensional…

  3. Wow yeah that navigation is pretty innovative and fun to toy around with too. I would be interested to see what they have done to make it search engine friendly, if anything.

  4. wow ! sooo funny ! i like playing through this website , very attractive !

    @ Mike : yeah ! i had a concern also about the seo , coz its flash, flash , flash .

  5. A great idea and hugely fun to play with.

    At times, it can be a little tricky to see the adjacent squares as they become slightly obscured due to the angle. This can make it difficult if someone wants to scan through the portfolio.

    Overall hugely creative and is certainly something people would remember.

    With regards to indexing in search engines, I hear the search engine spiders will soon be able to follow flash links so I wouldn’t worry too much about crawling issues.

  6. I concur with Verma; I recall that Flash is getting better and better with enabling search engines to index content.

  7. Great innovative menu design!!!

  8. Very interesting concept in the body of the page, but maybe a little too innovative. Fashion over function I’d say. Maybe limit the 3-d type menu a bit. It just seems too overwhelming slightly difficult to navigate.

  9. I love the idea of the navigation and it looks pretty impressive as in the techinical side of it, but i find that it would just annoy me. There is too much movement and too overwhelming for me

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