December 3, 2009 in Web Marketing Tip

Web Marketing Tip: Cheap Keyword Density Research


In a world of web marketing, he was man; his name Cheekio. His mission? To obtain free keyword density research. Braving the harsh winds of the coldest winter since Zeus shaved his beard, Cheekio crossed paths with a client who had no budget for website marketing.

How To Deliver Free Keyword Research

Like a swim suit model at a photo shoot for piano cleaner, Cheekio was at first confused – how would he deliver free keyword research? Then he had an idea. “I know”, said Cheekio, slipping a laptop from its sheaf, “I shall align keyword research with competitive analysis”.

Brushing a mountain of snow from his Herculean head of hair, Cheekio hastily typed his client’s keywords into Google. The first result returned a link to a competing company. Our web marketing warrior, proclaimed: “This website climbed fearlessly to the top of the Google ladder as the company spent time and money to get the top result.”

Viewing the page source, Cheekio took view of their keyword density in the leading paragraph, heading structure, meta tags and title tags.

Then, from nowhere, a three-headed bold eagle swooped from the sky – no doubt an evil-doer sent from the competitor to destroy Cheekio’s web marketing campaign. In the blink of an eye, Cheekio thrust his sword through the heart of the beast and proceeded to copy and improve upon the competitor’s web marketing techniques.

And this, faithful readers, is how to deliver free keyword density research.

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7 Responses to Web Marketing Tip: Cheap Keyword Density Research

  1. Good tip, you can definitely learn a lot from websites that are succeeding in google, even from just looking at the source code.

  2. As we are on the topic of keyword, I would also like to emphasise the use of keyword research in building a sucessful website. Google Adword’s keyword volume tool is an excellent resource to help with keyword research. And its free.

  3. ya , competitors info is always useful , we can get a lot of help from their websites.

  4. I used to struggle with keyword research, couldn’t figure it out to save my life. I wouldn’t know a good keyword even if it came up and bit me. I found some software which helped, and your post offered up some good key points to think about.

  5. I’ll second Gaurav’s Googles Adword’s tool suggestion, its a great tool to get new keywords and phrases,

  6. Sound advice. An awful lot can be learny from having a look at your competitors code.

  7. I do not vouch for applications very often however this new service is fantastic. It’s a keyword tool with a database of millions of keywords and phrases showing the adwords traffic count monthly together with the google competition count and other data.

    At a click of a button you can find phrases with traffic but no competition and I have used it already to get pages and sites to the top of the various search engines, even with no backlinks.

    You can see a video of it in use here –

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