November 23, 2009 in Web Marketing Tip

Web Marketing Tip: Blog


If you’re looking to build a house, buy some bricks. If, on the other hand, you want to further your web marketing, blog like there’s no tomorrow.

Web Marketing Tip: Blog Writing

It’s eight in the evening and the audience waits with baited breath for your upcoming blog post – what you going to do about it? Get a handle on your web marketing and shout from the top of the roof about your speciality.

Become the voice of your industry and build a faithful audience that hangs on your every word – like a tightrope walker in a windstorm, make them hold on for dear life.

Blog writing is great way to build trust with your readers, fuelling conversion and augmenting your contact list. And while you’re at, why not help customers understand you sector? It’s not rocket science, it’s simple mathematic.

Web Marketing for Bloggers

We blog writers are an insecure bunch, so the promise of Google love has to be a good thing. Get into bed with the search engines by posting regularly and climb up the rankings faster than a chimpanzee in a banana tree.

So when you’re rolling out your web marketing campaign, place business blog writing centre-stage.

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  1. blogging is a very good way or achieving organic SEO, and serves two functions, like you said, informing your customers and promoting your business. The more relevant you can be in your blog the better.

  2. Yup I have recently gone freelance and launched v1.0 of my website… which is work in progress. The real trick is finding the time to create loads of backlinks to my site. Suppose Rome wasn’t built in a day though. My mini Graphic Design empire will take rise eventually (hopefully!)

  3. @Mike, Couldnt agree more, your naturally talking about your sector, using your sectors jargon and its keywords will naturally be within your blog posts meaning Google will rank you better for your keywords. Your naturally relevant.

  4. That makes a lot of sense, running a blog is a great way to present yourself as an expert in your industry, and as Mike says, you’ll naturally rank higher.

    I also believe that writing a blog can enhance your personal brand, and it can definately help people buy into you.


  5. The reason I enjoy nuts so much is because they are small and easy to digest – just like this post.

    Good advice from one blogger to another.


  6. Its really wonderful article!

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