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Web Designer Tip: Sell Your Process

salesman-gill-simpsonsWhen working freelance you inevitably have to sell your services, it’s hard to portray what you do and how it can help the prospective client, sometimes it’s good to sell your process, Your not selling a website; your selling the process of creating a website. Explain your design process emphasizing quality assurances.

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  1. I think that its really good as a designer to be able to show that there is a creative process not just in terms of functions but it terms of how you generated certain ideas and then how you implemented that. Often clients don’t realise how much goes in to a piece of design and so don’t realise what value they are geting.

  2. I agree Mike, better to explain it once in the beginning than many times when they see the time spent on backend stuff for instance.

  3. I believe a thorough understanding of a design process allows the custmer to feel a little more in control, especially in a technical sector.

  4. Part of selling my process is I tell my client ‘In the design/layout phase, I will work with you to come up with a solution to fit your business.’ During that stage I explain to them that they are free to make comment about the design, make any changes they wish. I tell them to not be shy about what they want, it is their website after all. Anthony made a good point, giving some control to a client you are working with does wonders for a business relationship!

  5. You seem to be tapping into some universal truth here when it comes to selling within creative freelance sectors. Like you say, it’s paramount to reassure potential clients and build that all important trust. Pulling the veil from your creative process can certainly be one way of doing this.

    Cheers Anthony

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