November 22, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: BBC

bbc-design-critiqueThis weeks web design critique is from the major UK news corp the BBC, when I saw last years re-design I recall thinking that this is the future for high traffic news sites, a customizable portal to have your news delivered your way, a lesson in Information Architecture and understanding readers needs. Let’s Discuss.

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  1. I use the BBC website to measure web conventions, if the BBC use a technology then its safe to assume we can use it in our clients projects, the BBC homepage cemented just how important a place javascipt has to play on the web.

    The BBC demonstrates how to take thousands of news feeds and create an uncluttered and clean interface to showcase the news you actually care about.

    The style is classic BBC readability and navigability with some added friendly curvy loveliness.

  2. I agree with Anthony, BBC sets standards. And that relates to web as to any other medium.

    For me, BBC’s website was the first experience with information rich portal where I could choose what I want to see. I suppose it will slowly penetrate to other information rich portals too but it will take time.

    I’d love to see the revolution and spread of it as we see it with television content (audience get to choose what they want to watch and when > iplayer). I believe this is the way forward – visitor is THE VIP guest now on any website and gets the first class treatment he deserves.

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