October 27, 2009 in Freelance Web Designer Tip, Web Designer Tips

Web Designer Tip: Ask For Referrals

simpsons_handshakeWorking freelance often means you work on a great number of design projects per year, undertaking all or just a part of the work. Take advantage of past clients and ask them directly if they can refer anybody for you, I find a phone call is most effective but a quick email stating your looking for new clients works too.

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  1. Referrals are definitely a great way (and an organic way) to generate business, as people are usually a lot more responsive when you have been referred by someone they know and trust.

  2. Yes referrals are important .. a good referral can earn you anything .. nice blog

  3. For a lot of companies a referral system can be a powerful marketing tool. A trusted contact referring a company to you will enable an instant trust relationship.

  4. Referrals are great for any business as it shows that your client loves what you did and then went and referred someone to you, and if you keep them happy you will continue to keep getting new clients.

  5. This is a great tip. Asking for referrals can be such an easy way to get new clients – not only is it free advertising, it’s also showing your work to be good as your previous clients have liked you!

  6. Good idea but evaluate your clients potential response before you just bowl in and ask for referrals. M.

  7. Sometimes the referrals can come in without even asking!

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