October 26, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Clear Left

clear-left-designThis weeks Web Design Critique is Clear Left,  a aquatic and earthy color palette delivers the emotional response of calm and freshness, the design is a lesson in usability with clarity and readability at the forefront of the designers mind.  I like the clarity of the message, and simple information structure,  Let’s Discuss.

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3 Responses to Web Design Critique: Clear Left

  1. I really love the image based main navigation representing papers on a desk. A good website should encourage and guide the user through its content and this design is a great example of such user path clarity.

  2. I like the design, its clear and clean. Not especially exciting visually but it is a good piece of design. I would be interested to know how the website ranks in Google and what they’ve done to get it there.

  3. I like the overall style.

    The only thing I’d criticise from that screenshot is the fact that the intro tags are spaced out quite a bit more than they feel like it should be.

    This aside, the ‘web design and consultancy’ section is a bit too far down the page and again, spacing seems quite big.

    I like the look and feel though.

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