October 19, 2009 in Web Design News, Shopify News, Web Design News

New Shopify Sort Order for Collections

shopify-designShopify has released a new function that will allow you to design your shop to show a list of your collection items by order of best selling product, this is a Shopify feature I have been waiting for and one I have hacked together in numerous other ways for clients in the past.

Shopify Blog: “We recently added a best-selling sort-order for collections allowing you to sort a collection so that the best-selling products show up first in the collection: a great way to showcase your top performers.

If you are currently manually maintaining a list of best-sellers then you definitely want to take advantage of this new feature. It may also be a good idea to take advantage of this for your frontpage collection so the first thing customers see are the most often purchased items; a popular sales technique that often leads to increased sales for your shop.”

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