September 2, 2009 in Web Design News

How To Wireframe

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5 Responses to How To Wireframe

  1. Good post here – don’t think I have actually come across anything on wireframing before.

  2. Steve

    Anthony, wow that was quick… Brilliant, just what I was looking for for a little inspiration. Out of interest what product are you using for the wireframing?


  3. I pretty sure that it is Microsoft Visio… part of the Microsoft Office pack. It is usually used for designing illustrations and technical drawings. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me.


  4. I actually find Visio a little distracting myself and prefer to use my own set of graphic templates in Fireworks or Illustrator for my sitemaps.

  5. I usually sketch layouts with a pen and paper – I never knew it was actually known as wireframing. Interesting article!

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