August 10, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Carsonified

carsonifiedThis weeks Web Design Critique is Carsonified,  a monotone color palette, the homepage a great light on dark example with a minimal approach, clear message, with great typograpghy and lovely supporting illustrations . Each main section background color dramatically changes,  Let’s Discuss.

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8 Responses to Web Design Critique: Carsonified

  1. I really love flicking through each main section, I love the dramatic background color changes. The main font in the headings reminds me of circus type; portraying a creative and playful feeling.

  2. I really enjoy the different illustrations and background colors on each site, but especially the start site makes a too unstructured impression on me. I didn’t know where to look first and what to read. A web site design should guide the visitors eyes more.

  3. Well the illustrations are marvelous.

  4. The simplicity of the website is belied by the stark colour contrasts. It’s rock n’ roll in the guise of a website. The 21st century never looked better. Clint.

  5. Love the simple and very effective use of colour, and the hand drawn illustrations really compliment this. Over all its a beautiful design, I like the slightly retro feel to it as well.

  6. I like the site’s simplicity though white text on a solid color background could be quite shocking and hard to read (especially the white text on yellow background).

  7. I like. Though it all seems to be graphic based and not live text… Bad bad bad.

  8. Its a simple site with a good design.

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