August 4, 2009 in Web Design News, Web Design News, Wordpress News

WordPress Blog 2.8.3 Released

wordpress_logoWordPress 2.8.2; “Unfortunately, I missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues for 2.8.1.  Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs.  Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked”. Go to the WordPress Development Blog for full release details.

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  1. The release of WordPress 2.8.3 was unexpected but looking at the no of bugs and error wordpress 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 had, It was much expected update. Though I updated WordPress to 2.8.3 and I can still see few Errors in my dashboard
    When Even I try to publish article from edit page option, it gives error.. Still waiting for wordpress forum to come up with the best solution..

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