July 16, 2009 in Web Design News

Microsofts Live Search, Becomes Bing

microsoft-bingMicrosoft has ditched its Live Search in favour of a more cuddly approach named Bing, The old Live Search was loosing viewers so a drasting re-branding has seen Bings market share increase and is set to eclipse Yahoo, come on Yahoo “Bing it!”, this move shows the raw power of branding with simple design.

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3 Responses to Microsofts Live Search, Becomes Bing

  1. Is it going to compete with google…

    Looks like same architecture

  2. I think its a very big step from microsoft.

  3. I think this is a pointless rebrand. I am not sure too many people used them out of choice before, only out of ignorance or laziness.

    Having some cute pictures on your homepage just doesn’t cut it anymore, people want access to what they want to find quickly and without fuss and this is what Google is for.

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