July 24, 2009 in Design Process, Misc, Web Design News

Shopify Announces Shopiads

shopify-designWith ShopiAds, you can advertise your Shopify products at other websites using dynamic ad blocks of different sizes. You can use your Shopify collections to indicate which products will appear on the ad block, customize its aspect, and see which blocks are giving you more benefits.

WordPress Blog 2.8.2 Released

wordpress_logoWordPress 2.8.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were not fully sanitized when displayed in the admin. This could be exploited to redirect you away from the admin to another site. Go to the WordPress Development Blog for full release details.

July 16, 2009 in Web Design News

Microsofts Live Search, Becomes Bing

microsoft-bingMicrosoft has ditched its Live Search in favour of a more cuddly approach named Bing, The old Live Search was loosing viewers so a drasting re-branding has seen Bings market share increase and is set to eclipse Yahoo, come on Yahoo “Bing it!”, this move shows the raw power of branding with simple design.

July 16, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Jason Santa Maria

jason-santa-mariaWeb Design Critique Of The Week 05 is from designer Jason Santa Maria, his homepage has well structured minimalism, but what really sets this design apart is that the whole web page changes for each article, making the web page truly represent the content, sift the archives to see this in action. Let’s Discuss.