June 7, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Theme Slice

theme-sliceThis weeks web design critique is a mock up to WordPress theme service called Theme Slice that I run along with Mike Jolley, jointly designed our mission was to do the brand justice; the design should moniker different layers of a cake, choclate and cream. 2 column with a curvy sidebar, Lets Discuss.

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8 Responses to Web Design Critique: Theme Slice

  1. Great job Anthony & Mike Jolley. The theme slice looks supereb I really love the design and the colors onit. I am expecting those moniker different layers.

  2. simple, effective, attractive. nice job.

  3. You have made brown look cool!

  4. great post! yeah i review it..and looks cool 😉 i love the design and colors…good job!



  5. Yum, looks tasty! Cakelike indeed. It’s got a bit of a delicious web 2.0 flavour about it aswell (although I dislike the term “web 2.0”, it still describes a “look and feel” of something pretty well)

  6. I like the brown design thats my fav color great job

  7. simple, clean, effective…i like it. an interesting mix with the brown/pink, but it works.
    It is very very clean though, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for perhaps a splash of something ‘wow’ in the main header, perhaps even just a nice use of shape in the pink or white, to really grab the viewer?

  8. @ All, thanks for the kind words glad we pulled off the metaphor.

    @ Luci, nice suggestion, I’ll put it forward, I hope it looks web 2.0 but with an elegance or minimalism that monikers my design sense.

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