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Get W3C School Certified

w3c-certificationW3Schools’ Online Certification Program is a great way of getting some credibility without a lenthly college or uni course, and some practice of the finer points of web design or development. This great resource is offering an Online Certification Program. Certificates include PHP, ASP, XML, Javascript and HTML which costs 75usd.

Visit W3C Cert Program

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  1. Excellent idea as most web designers / web developers are self taught. There aren’t many uni courses out there anyway, so its a good way forward to help both employers and employees.

  2. now days online certification is excellent, it reduce time for college and institutes and you can get maximum knowledge on the internet… i am web designer and i am also thinking for web design certificate

  3. This is the best idea for a long time. I have just started doing all my sites to w3c standards. Perhaps this will put the bad guys out of business allowing more scope for web design companies to expand.

  4. It’s no different to having a valid w3s/css/html banner/link on your site.

  5. “It’s no different to having a valid w3s/css/html banner/link on your site.”

    To some extent – but this is more provably so. Anyone can spend a long while drumming out W3C compliant code and put up a banner, but this would prove the knowledge is there.

    I’ve been putting out W3C code for a while now, it’s not just a standard to adhere to, but improves your coding style, I feel

  6. I am and have always been an advocate of W3C but I think more and more people are straying away form it – not to mention the browser developers themselves.

    Is this a cynical cash making exercise by them. I would like to see how good the material is before welcoming it. However the principal is solid.

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Yeah W3C is a very good source of information specially when it comes to web designing and web developing. I have learned lots of stuff from them

  8. how about work experience?

    For PHP there is ZEND Certification, for Adobe – Adobe Certification,

    but anyway certificate without work experience and/of strong portfolio – don’t cost much. If you want to put this paper in face of you future boss, that can be a wrong step cause a lot of employers are very sceptical about such things.

    First of all, you do it for yourself

  9. Agreed w3c are quite popular but there are other courses like MCPD which offer to train candidates with web application design & development.

  10. I think the only other issue with this is that you need a trusted third party (some kind of acknowledged professional) to supervise and make sure you don’t cheat!

  11. I have studied at w3schools and passed the quiz test for HTML, XHTML and CSS. But I don’t know how would be the real exam. I would be grateful if some who is certified from W3Schools tell me a little bit about.

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