May 29, 2009 in Web Design News

Typekit: Real Web Fonts

3572372312_c5d651614fAs a Typekit user, you’ll have access to our library of high-quality fonts. Just add a line of JavaScript to your markup, tell us what fonts you want to use, and then craft your pages the way you always have. Except now you’ll be able to use real fonts. This really is going to change web design.

Introducing Typekit

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2 Responses to Typekit: Real Web Fonts

  1. Thanks for sharing your good information and ideas about real web fonts. Nice post!

  2. Great resource and great information. I don’t think it will change any standards, I think we are stuck with the same boring webfonts. I think that’s ok though, as most of my more fancy fonts are on images anyways rather than textual content.

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