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Web Designer Face-Off 01

web-designer-face-offWeb designer face-off brings 2 web designers face to face answering 10 quick fire questions,  the results are presented side by side and should give us valuable insight into the web designers inner workings, each bout will bring publicity and laughter to the competitors and honor to the victor.

Mike Jolley vs Anthony Brewitt

Name Mike Jolley Anthony Brewitt
URL Blue Anvil Designbit
Photo mike-jolley anthony-brewitt2
1.How long have you been designing? Around 6 or 7 years ago as a hobby at college. My first ‘client’ was a school website which I did for one piece of coursework. Got me hooked. Shame about all the tables I used though. About 6 years, I started coding as a hobby while studying and got hooked on the power of CSS compared to the Tabled markup I had to endure in the classroom.
2.Whats your strongest skill set? I’d say I’m most proficient at front-end development. That covers xhtml, css, and javascript. Saying that i’m pretty handy coding for wordpress too… I’m a very good at communicating, look, I’m doing it now. I also love injecting usability into design and have much love for XHTML / CSS, WordPress and Shopify.
3.What currently excites you? I’m really looking forward to iPhone 3.0 firmware. Love that phone. Hey its not web related, but it is damn exciting! The possibilities of Cloud Computing, I love the idea of walking around and having my data with me wherever I am. Also My next project, it’s exciting.
4.What inspires you? I get inspiration from magazines (.net mag is okay), books, website galleries, tweets, blogs the lot. I love reading about what other people are working on. I read alot of personal blogs but I tend to look outside of the web for inspiration, I find if I use too many web galleries I’ll end up subliminally copying. I’m heavily into guitar and music, but also love architecture and art.
5.What tools do you use? Coda for most coding, CSSEdit when I intend on writing a lot of CSS.Fireworks for mocks and graphics (even though it crashes a lot and gives me anger management problems) Apple mail, Things, and Onthejob for getting things done and keeping on top of work. iTunes for keeping me sane. I’m an adobe advocate, all the good stuff; Dreamweaver, Illustrator, but I definelty favour Fireworks for 90% of my graphical duties.
6.Must read resource? It used to be ‘A list apart’ but now its smashing magazine. Those guys cover everything. Ideas on Ideas, A list Apart, Vectips, and for Books; Dont Make Me Think By Steve Krug and CSS Mastery by Andy Budd.
7. Whats your design process? 1.Gather spec + do research
2.Plan in ‘Things’ as tasks
3.Mockup in fireworks
4.Get approval or repeat
5.Mark it up
6.Browser test
7.Get approval again
8.Implement it
I use a 4 step design process that covers;Strategy,Plan, Build, Promote, I use graphical mock ups, sitemaps, siteframes and user paths, but it really comes down to the scope and budget of each project.
8.Stranded on an island, 3 things you need? To escape/survive I’d want lots of toilet roll for hygiene reasons, an axe to fell trees, and a lighter. I’d spell out ‘save me’ by making a clearing/setting fire to wood and wait for some geek to find me using google maps. Saved! Fresh Pasta, Four Cheese sauce and a bottle of good red wine to swill it down.I should probably have said a Boat!
9.How do you market yourself? I market myself purely online by blogging & making wordpress plugins/other stuff. The majority of work comes in through my blogfolio as I like to call it. I mainly market by blogging and networking online, but also get half my clients through Offline marketing, via referrals or even cold calling or just showing up. I often look through the local newspaper and see what companies are doing well.
10.Marmite (Love / Hate)? That stuff is disgusting. Hate. Hate

Great thanks to both competitors for their time, if you want to battle;   please enter the competition.

About Anthony

Anthony Brewitt is Design Bit, has been for years - he's an experienced WordPress Designer, and Muggle-born Marketing Philosopher. Let’s talk about your website; your marketing, blog design, and that cool new mobile web thingy. Contact Anthony

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  1. I loved the boat comment from Anthony on number 8. How come its always so easy to miss the obvious answers?

  2. this is a wonderful battle against two designers.. love to see who wins this match-up. This is a nice post love it!

  3. I thought the long haired guy would be the guitarist, go figure!

  4. This is like the Rumble in the Jungle. Nice!

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