April 17, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Duoh

duoh-design-studioThis weeks web design critique is a bold and bright design with an nontraditional one column layout designed by Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele for their very own design agency with a mix of brains and beauty, Duoh!. Lets Discuss.

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5 Responses to Web Design Critique: Duoh

  1. I have been a long term fan of Veerle Pieters and her illustrations and the new Duoh design has put her talents to good use. The design has creativity and a wow factor thanks to colorful and well placed illustrations but surprisingly for such a loud design does not sacrifice readability or navigability.

    I don’t love the homepage design above the fold, but once you start scrolling it all fits together and has real impact and a high level of usability, lessons have been learnt from a typical blog layout.

  2. It’s nice but there’s way too much going on.

    The chunky and colourful design might leave a lasting impression but in my opinion it overshadows the content. If I were going back to that website every few days to read updates I think I’d get sick of the design being too in my face.

    The green and blue bars on the right along with the collage on the left gives the page a depth that makes the text appear too small. I think if one side had these graphics and the other was left blank it’d relieve the depth issue and let the text stand out a bit more.

  3. Hmm, the design is nice but like ITM Design says, it does overshadow the content of the website. It does look like one big pretty picture, but you actually forget what you are there for. The other pages seem to be a lot easier to read. I especially like the illustration on the about us page of the two web designers themselves.

  4. I agree. The page is quite busy and the focus is more on the clutter than the content. I couldn’t say I was a fan of this site by any means but each to their own. As long as it’s usable and accessible…

  5. There’s something about it i really like but i don’t think it works for a design company. Would be a great website for a pop group or something along those lines.

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