March 14, 2009 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: 24 Ways

24-waysIntroducing a new weekly section of Designbit; Web Design Critique, I want to showcase one web design for all of us to openly discuss and to kick things off we’ll start with a controversial web design from Made By Elephant the new 24ways design. Lets discuss.

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10 Responses to Web Design Critique: 24 Ways

  1. 24Ways has kept its old minimalistic design and worked in some crazy CSS pixey dust.

    I love how different this design is, it feels so angular and has some beautiful transparency, love how the background pattern scrolls and the simple use of tabs throughout the site gives the content real clarity.

  2. On first glance i am not sure i like this web design. It’s not sharp enough for my liking. Considering it looks quite simple, it is slightly more complicated than meets the eye. I personally would not have chosen the colour combination of red and grey. It reminds me of a library. But actually when you go through the site, it is extremely easy to use, and nice to look through. I just think the ‘pretty’ bits need working on.

  3. I don’t think it’s visually inspiring at all. The colors are mediocre and the layout is very traditional and lacks imagination.

    It’s effective at displaying text and code, e.g. within some of the blog posts with tutorials, in a clear manner – but that’s something it shares with numerous other sites.

    There’s very little that makes the site stand out for me. While the coding itself is solid, I think it actually looks kind of obsolete in design terms, I’m surprised this is a “new” design.

  4. Technically the design is top notch. It eschews most current “trends” and adopts some sound design elements to bring together a well-rounded experience. It plays with the traditional model of boxed off areas by setting certain elements under others and judiciously using transparency. The focus of the site is the content, which this design brings to the fore without getting in the way – job well done IMHO.

  5. Very nice. It stands out as being something different without doing it in a way that compromises the users experience with the content.

    The CSS appears to provide the visual flair and the few graphics used just complement the styles. Having seen so many websites and ideas, few have given me as much inspiration as this.

  6. I’ve come across this site before and used some of its content as a resource. From that standpoint, I like it. From a design stand-point, I don’t necessarily dislike it, but it tends to be a bit busy and distracting. Certainly has some innovative features, but I find it difficult to focus on the content as there’s too much happening elsewhere on the page. But then, I’m a bit of a minimalist.

  7. Technically great web design but the visual design is a bit dated. Having said that perhaps a little brightening of the colours or change in the hues would enhance the visual design, with all the greys and muted reds it all feels a bit mid ninteen-eightys if you get my drift?

  8. I really enjoy that the site doesn’t try to run after common “web 2.0” trends and works without gradients, bevels and drop shadows. The design reminds me very much of style magazines of the 90s.

    A lovely background pattern as well and I even enjoy the matte colours, but the many transparencies, overlays and overlappings are a little bit too distracting for my taste and don’t really support the orientation on the site.

  9. Its a lovely design. Eye catching, and quite innovate. Yes it is some what reminiscent of the 1990s styles and maybe that’s why I like it even more.

  10. I think the color scheme used in the page needs a little modifications, as they are not eye catching. Rest of the site provides a friendly environment.

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