March 7, 2009 in Web Design News

Apple Safari 4 for PC

apple-safari-4-mainI have just downloaded Apples Safari 4 web browser  for PC and have given it a good test run to check out the features. The shiny metallic theme has disappeared in favor of a more traditional Windows theme, which is a real shame as I liked the uncluttered interface on Safari 3.

Apple Safari 4 for PC

It’s performance has increased, Apples Safari 4 is amazingly quick, maybe quicker than Google Chrome. Safari 4 has some great new features including clearer tabbed navigation, Show all bookmarks, Show Top Sites and a new Page Zoom feature.

The shiny lights that minimize, maximize and close are probably what attracted me to Safari  for the PC  initially as well as better security than Internet Explorer. The change of style away from the sexy shiny silver will be missed but is a positive move meaning the Windows user will feel in a more familiar environment, which is just good usability.

Show all Bookmarks

apple-safari-4If you love Apples iTunes interface as much as I do your going to love the new Show All Bookmarks section, a quick overview of all your recent bookmarks in a iTunes style carousel. You can view all your RSS subscriptions in here too with a nice clean interface.

Show Top Sites

apple-safari-4-top-sitesAnother button and another new feature, maybe ripped off of Googles Chrome browser but all very nice anyway. The Top Sites collates your most popular sites you visit and displays them again in a cool iTunes Style carousel, very nice interface indeed.

Text Zoom

All the big browsers now have a zoom feature and Safari 4’s is actually quite tidy, I still hate how all these manufacturers hide the zoom functionality away in a menu and believe this functionality should have its own button, I know the shortcuts but every other normal web surfer I know, doesn’t. This may also signal the end of stretchy layouts, I already use fixed layout for my deigns unless the client states otherwise.

Report a Bug

Again for me, I don’t care, I don’t want to report a bug and it really should not be in a prime place instead of a zoom feature or something more useful for day to day web surfing.

Apple 4 Safari Conclusion

I think I’ll miss the old interface , but I’ll probably get over this and I do like the new Top Sites feature and with Mozilla’s Firefox having a continious crashing problem for me I have made Safari 4 my default browser, for now. So what you waiting for try Safari 4

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3 Responses to Apple Safari 4 for PC

  1. Sounds like an excellent move for Safari. I am not a PC user, i use a Mac to design web sites, but it will be another check to do for me. I have always like safari, even though i am pretty much addicted to using firefox! I think it is all down to the pretty icon for me!

  2. Much improved over the old version. After using it for just over a week it feels much quicker than other browsers.

  3. Jay

    In fairness, Chrome didn’t start the ‘first page overview’ of your bookmarks, it’s been in Opera for ages and then various plugins for Firefox well before Chrome. I also think Safari does a better job with it.

    I’m really tied between the two at the moment, I’m hoping some things are fixed in Safari before it goes final, such as defaulting new pages to open in tabs rather than browsers, less problems with cookies and better autofill techs. I can live without most plugins (I like firebug, but it’s only really useful when devving anyway so would still have it for browser testing)

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