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Car Design Inspiration 2

ac_cobra_v8_rearDrawing inspiration away from the digital medium and into the field of car design, this time focusing on the Mercedes Gullwing; Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and the AC Shelby Cobra, all iconic and beautifully designed cars that are outstanding to view and designed for enjoyment.

Mercedes Gullwing



The Mercedes Gullwing oozes class and for me sits most luxuriously in silver. I love the details on this design. The most distinctive feature is the famous bird winged doors, but I love the simple swooshes of style that have coated the car, as if theres a wave of water sweeping over it that has some how frozen in place, leaving curvy ripples.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost



As a child I was fascinated by this car, the raw metal colors and the crafted leather seats, the design oozes majesty and heritage but I was most fascinated by the name, very magical and haunting name and also the fact that this was said to be the “Best car in the world”, quiet as a ghost. The design is mechanically revealing and that is beautiful in itself.

AC Shelby Cobra


ac_cobra_1966_83936_20080605_l1The front of the car looks like a Cobras defensive stance, the large mouth like radiator opening with 2 fangs either side of it, ready to bite. The swooping lines of the wheel arches further enforce its aggressive stance and make a stunning front end car design, gladly the feminine rear is second only to JayLo in terms of size and splendor.

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Car Design Inspiration

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  1. For me the most beautiful car to look at is the Ferrari 250 GTO – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_250_GTO

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