December 22, 2008 in Web Design News

Check out 24 Ways

Just in case you missed this great resource; 24 ways is a web design and development advent calendar with a daily blog post from a top web designer all the way up till Xmas day. Visit 24 Ways

December 11, 2008 in Web Design News

jQuery SIFR Plugin

The jQuery SIFR Plugin is an addon for jQuery that makes it easy to replace text in a web page with flash text (sIFR).It gives you a function in javascript to replace text in a web page dynamically with sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) text, using native jQuery functionality along with the jQuery Flash Plugin. Looks promising.

Visit jQuery SIFR

December 8, 2008 in Web Design News

UK to spend 13.6bn this Xmas

“The UK is set for its busiest internet shopping day of the year, with £320m forecast to be spent online.

The internet trade body IMRG says the UK’s Christmas online retail sales could reach £13.6bn ($19.9bn).”

View Article at BBC

December 3, 2008 in Web Design News

Back To Top Link Design

Very interesting post from the guys at smashing magazine on designing the back to top link:

“In this post, we showcase the design of “Back to top” links, a forgotten and rarely used link that helps users jump to the top of a given page. A visitor can achieve this effect by pressing the “Home” button on his or her keyboard; however, not every user is aware of that shortcut, and most probably use the vertical scroll bar in the browser for that purpose. As designers, we can help our users out by adding a stand-alone “top” link to our designs.”

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