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Logo Design, the Basics

logo-design-fcopOne of the hardest parts of graphic design whilst creating a website is the logo design, its often very hard to create an image that truly represents a company and its branding, but if we keep in our minds eye certain principles of logo design you can normally create a suitable mark.


Is their a symbol that represents the companies core trade? like a house for an estate agents or a flower for a florists.


An abstract shape could represent the companies core trade for instance an estate agent could use a block shape to signal stability or a florist could use a circular shape that represents a friendlier signal.


Colors can be used to signal emotional responses for instance the color red is associated with fertility, birth, danger, strengh, love passion. The color green is asociated with nature, health, cheerfulness, environment, money. Lighter shades of colors can be used to draw the eeye away and brighter colors to draw the eye in.


Less is most certainly more when designing a logo, the most successful logos are simple, and most importantly, easy to remember. Think of Nike, McDonalds, Coca-Cola.


The fonts used for any lettering should also represent the brand for instance serif fonts signal a more traditional feel whilst san serif fonts have a modern feel. A unique font can also make you stand out from the crowd, for instance the coca cola font or IBM.


Add some dynamism by adding a texture for instance a wood grain for a health product or a scratched and rough stone effect for a builder.


Adding another dimension to your logo can give it an edge and bring it out of the web page, a 3d edge adds an angle and is often used to infuse a modern connatation.

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  1. Sai

    This is nice blog about graphics. If you want to prepare a good graphic design projects you have to be remember that points because all points helps to images eye catcher to visiters

  2. Nice tips – apart from this one

    “Adding another dimension to your logo can give it an edge and bring it out of the web page, a 3d edge adds an angle and is often used to infuse a modern connatation.”


    Don’t ever do this – keep yourself well away from any desire to go 3D/ modern/ WEB 2.0 or whatever else you want to call it [only exceptions mught be gaming sites]

  3. We always ask the client to describe their business image in 5 words, gives us a few extra ideas sometimes,


  4. Logos are really important and sometimes left to the side and not treated with the care they need. I think if you create a great logo people remember you and your brand. As you mentioned apple and coca cola

  5. Dont forget McDonalds. That Logo is so important. My son see the big yellow M from 5 miles away at the highway and want his HappyMeal. And he is just 4 years old.

    Good information on the blog at all. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mcdonald’s is an interesting logo design, I noticed the other week that the M could have connotations of 2 fries curving to make the the M, Also sometimes the logo is presented in a red box that looks just like there fries packaging.

  7. Thats true. The consumer often don t see such a detail. Iam sure the logos of the global players are all well thought out.

  8. I think the key is to keep it as simple as possible. At the end of the day people need to be able to see a logo and easily identify it. If it is too fancy or complicated this may be more tricky

  9. These are some great points, I think it is important to remember to keep it simple so that it is easily identifiable.

  10. I’m a fan of minimal logo’s. I quite often get crazy requests for logos and some of the briefs I’ve had are quite funny looking back now.

    There are many other things to consider, one being creating a logo that looks good at various sizes and on different coloured backgrounds. I have on occasions created slight variations of a logo for different sizes/formats.

  11. Thanks, you’ve got some reasonable tips here. Personally, I think the typeface is the most important part of any logo that includes type as a prominent feature. It says more than any kind of shape or image.

  12. This is a nice article.
    I don’t like the art with texture.

    I like the simplicity one.


  13. What I believe is that adding symbol to your logo is not necessary. This may be the orthodox idea.I has to be something else than the regular thinking. If I ask a designer to design a logo for me for a real estate website, he will probably use the picture of the house. Using anything related to the business would be the better option. For Example: For real estate website- “key”. In your example under “Minimalism” Nike, McDonalds,Coca-Cola do not have any clue that what they sell. Giving the fresh look to your logo is very necessary otherwise it will overlooked.

  14. Paramount is taking into account the context of where the logo will be viewed mostly, by who and via what media. Question if there needs to be a ‘Logo’, singular element at all or will typography do more justice, there should be reasons for everything. Jims hot dog stand doesnt need a 3d dog as just wont sit right on his stall banner whilst a flat happy dog vector may not lend itself to’s affluent publicity channels. There’s nothing wrong with the tasteful and well implemented introduction of 3d for good reason, a crime though if done for none or to hide a bad idea. There are many holding on to the old school rules of twenty year ago and if i hear anyone saying ‘that wont print on a fax machine’ again i’ll bark! – Does anyone use them anymore?? There was probably a time when typesetters would complain that you ‘can make that letter in metal lad!’ and then better means to execute print media came along and we could have that fancy ‘G’. Whoof Whoof!

  15. ‘can’t make that letter in metal lad!’ – Bloody online typesetting!!

  16. CC

    Always keeping in mind, Today’s Designs are getting harder and harder to stay on top of , Keep your mind open and all kinds of symbolism’s are put into place.
    Come see what we can offer you at Odessa Web-Design.

  17. Really great tips that i was searching for. Thanks.

  18. Once you start your business it is rather important to stay above your competitors. That is why it is really indispensable to hire professional designers to elaborate a logo and the corporate style for your company.

    Company logo is the first thing customers see everywhere: newspaper or TV advertisement, flyers or posters, transport ads, building or web advertisements.

    Your company logo is the face of your business. Once a customer finds your company advertisement or any promo materials, logo is something that draws his/her attention first.

    Logo design is a rather personalized and hard process, especially if you expect the highest possible quality.

  19. I’m new in the internet business field. I’m skilled in the graphics side, but I need info to learn about this business. I was going through your post and got a few pointers.

  20. The company Logo is the first thing that the customers see. The logo draws its attention. It has to be personalised.

  21. Its bizarre how logo designs sometimes cost more than a whole website!! Bizarre! Suppose it also shows it importance!

  22. Excellent post! This is a really beneficial blog site that you have.

  23. Cool post, these are all great points to keep in mind when designing a logo!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Good one. Its very interesting to read a nice review on logo design. Great to have a knowledge to improve skill for logo design. Thanks

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