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About Page Design

about-page-designAbout pages are not a frequently visited page but has one key role to play, its objective is to build trust and make your potential customer / client feel at ease about hiring your services or buying your product. The about page is a very important part of the conversion process.

The about page scenario

You are in need of a new toaster, likely scenario, and so you surf around the Internet looking at websites and find a company selling the deluxe model with the flashy lights, your now considering buying from the company, often the next step is to find out ABOUT the company, the about page is where the customer decides whether your trustworthy enough to do business with.

Building trust

Trust is such a vital part of selling online and a professional looking website will help greatly, but its the about page that bears the grunt of this task. You should outline a fair amount of information about your self and your company, here’s a few suggestions as to what information you could offer:


You’ll want the first paragraph on your about page to outline who you are and what you do, your core business in one small paragraph – this is a summary for the customer wanting a quick answer, and with many customers this is all they need, so this is an overview paragraph.

Who you are

This should be a paragraph about the company, list your core business and your main service. “Toaster LTD, specialize in toaster supplies and sell a wide range of toasters”. If there’s a key person with a story on founding the company this may be worth sharing too.

Why you sell this service / product

This paragraph should outline your enthusiasm for the services / product you sell and give a reason as to why you sell it like “we believe in high quality products and think our high quality toasters can enhance your catering experience”.

Who you sell to?

Do you sell to other companies B2B (Business 2 Business) or do you sell to customers B2C (Business 2 Customer)? who’s your main demographic, if its a small group you could list there attributes positively. “selling to the switched on home chefs who appreciate fine food”. Do you sell just in the UK or Globally?

Your Location

This ones obvious, state your country and county, but id put your full postal address and other details where they should be; on your CONTACT page.

Business Longevity

If your an established business then state this, how long have you been trading for? whats the joint trading experience of your staff members?

Online Longevity

How long have you had a online presence and how long have you been trading online?

Staff Members

Make the company more approachable by listing your staff members, of course just the main managers would be good in the about page, if your a larger company you may want this paragraph to link to a Meet the Staff page. You could add a few thumbnail photos of their faces, a human face is a positive and trust building image.

About Page Summary

The about page should be a pick and mix of these paragraphs to suit the branding of your company and how you want to portray your self and your company, I’d keep the paragraphs very brief and link the paragraphs to other pages for more detailed information, for example meet the staff or contact pages.

The about page is where your customers gauge a level of trust with your company and can make or break a purchase situation and is a fundamental and expected page on any good website.

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  1. That is a very useful information. Before reading this article I had completely forgotten to add an ABOUT page on my site.
    A similar article on Privacy page will also be very useful. Thanks.

  2. Jo

    We often have to remind customers to provide relevant information about their company when we build their website.

  3. Remind clients, you tell them a 1000 times and still they dont do it. What we do is other them to wight content for them on a weekly basis.
    That the only way to do it.


  4. It is great to have the right content but it is also important that it is easy to find so a great, simple navigation system is also a must

  5. It is important to structure the navigation right as well so that people can easily find the information. This helps to add to the professionalism of a site.

  6. its Very Comprehensive on About Page.Yes building trust is very important for any business.thanks for giving valuable info.

  7. Excellent post, we always get clients to hand over or write as much ‘about’ for the site or company as possible before we design, then generate this into a more succinct and easy to read version. Especially in the case of brochure sites, the design can very often center around how much information there actually is to present. With a content managed site this is less important as the design needs to take into account the client deciding they need a mass of information… In which case they should read this post!

  8. Another helpful post. Thanks.

  9. Rob

    Thanks for the excellent info…

  10. Prepare content for the About and Services page firstly and the rest of the content will flow thereafter.

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