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H1 Tag as your Logo?

h1-tag-logoI had an interesting chat whilst working on a design project alongside Mike Jolley the other day, as we was working on Theme Slice a PSD to WordPress Theme conversion service – sorry had to get that in, our different styles of coding ignited an interesting topic; Should the H1 tag be used for a logo?

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October 16, 2008 in Web Usability

About Page Design

about-page-designAbout pages are not a frequently visited page but has one key role to play, its objective is to build trust and make your potential customer / client feel at ease about hiring your services or buying your product. The about page is a very important part of the conversion process.

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A Video to Explain RSS

I have recently suggested to a handful of clients that they should explain what RSS is and how they’re users can use it to subscribe to their content feeds; blog feed, news feeds etc. Nobody explains things better than Common Crafts series of videos in plain English.

For instance I use their “RSS in plain English” video on Designbit, they also have a “what is a blog?” amongst others, I recommend this to my clients as a great way of explaining the technologies. I employ you to add these to your clients websites.