February 5, 2008 in Web Design News

IE8 and its Meta Tag

Internet Explorer 8 will be shipped with a optional Meta tag that will evoke a “Super Standards” Mode, If “we” (web developers) simply add this tag to our head sections then IE8 will transform into the new mode. IE8 now has 4 different modes but they have re-written the rules and decided to not fully document switch IE8. Get your IE8 answers from ALA by Aaron Gustafson.

February 4, 2008 in Web Design News

Microsoft Yahoo Merger

It’s not really a shock to find out that Microsoft is interested in Buying Yahoo (YahSoft?). Microsoft has bidded a massive 50 Billion for the internet giant, probably to form an possible acquisition or partnership that could potentially topple Google as the search king. What will this mean for web designers and the internet?

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