January 30, 2008 in Web Design News

Microsoft Paint Innovation

A unique look into the world of Microsoft software development which focuses on their MS Paint application, from developing the application to actually using its unique features and tools including the eraser tool and the new “save” function.

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15 Responses to Microsoft Paint Innovation

  1. MS Paint is very basic! Check our Photoshop CS2 which is fairly advanced once you get the hang of it!

  2. Paint is a leg-end, I know a guy that can paint, paint masterpieces NO JOKE either, here’s me using photoshop, fireworks the lot and this guys stuff looks better then mine in paint! Maybe im just rubbish at image editing though.

  3. Paint is the most useless program I have ever seen.

    Biggest problems: ONLY 3 LEVELS OF UNDO HISTORY, NO ANTI-ALIASING, NO LAYERS, and many, many more

  4. @ Chris, I’m a big fan of Fireworks and Illustrator myself, Fireworks for layouts and most web graphics, Illustrator for logos and in depth or detailed work due to its great pen tool.

    @Paul Carey, I know some amazing artists can can create in any medium also.

    @all, Jokes aside – paint does have one valuable function for a modern web developer and that is that you can save as a .ico that is an icon for your bookmarks / favourites – also called a favicon.

  5. HaHa paint is almost the worst thing microsoft have made.

    Andrew Pryed

  6. Sorry, but where in paint is there an option to save as .ico (looking at paint on both XP SP2 and Vista Ultimate).

    What you are doing is most likely saving a bmp file with a .ico extension, which is most certainly not an ico.

    Just get a photoshop ico plugin for favicons, or to be more up-to-date, save a png as .ico.

  7. lol, yes paint is rubbish and there are so many better products on the market. although my younger cousins love messing around with it.

  8. Yes, paint is basic but that doesnt mean you can’t create a great design or bit of artwork… check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk2sPl_Z7ZU&feature=related if you don’t beleive me! πŸ™‚

  9. MS paint is almost of no use…there are many other tools which are more sophisticated like Photoshop,corel draw, illustrator,etc. MS paint is for kids who have fun with computers while learning the basics.

  10. Stevie D

    I love the way people take that video seriously πŸ™‚

  11. Mya

    that video is sooo stupid the future is in the past!!

  12. Well we have much better programs these days. Paint might work for the kids but never for professionals.

  13. Ha, ha, this is very good joke.
    It is not only about ms paint but it is also about similar type of advertising on YouTube.

  14. Nowaday MS paint uses for children and so many good designing program available at market.

  15. Before I used photoshop and illustrator, well long before, I used paint and as a kid I found it quite brilliant really. It was a great simple little tool that I managed to produce some interesting designs in.

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