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Design Inspiration: Cubism, Picasso

Cubism is an art movement that i find very inspiring as a designer, the movement took place in the 20th century (1908) and the results of this abstraction or fragmentation of the viewers perspective of the art piece created some amazing works of art. Check out this vid about it’s humble beginnings.

This is also a great vid of Picasso’s work including the cubism movement:

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13 Responses to Design Inspiration: Cubism, Picasso

  1. I like the way Cubism deployed text as textures or as recurring themes like the way masthead of the French newspaper “LE JOURNAL” keeps cropping up in numerous ways.

    As Picasso himself said “The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.”

  2. i had the great pleasure of seeing that chap Picasso’s mate over in Lanzarote, whos name escapes me – but yeah definatley find it inspiring. Love the video clips btw!

  3. I like the video clips, they are cool.

  4. i love picasso’s work, my favourite has to be his work after the war it is so different and colourful, its very pretty!

  5. The video clips that you have put in are really amazing. The colours just blend too well together.

  6. Picasso museum in “Le Marais”, Paris definitely holds some of his best work and what a sweet definition of Cubism

  7. @Oliver, I will try my best to visit Le Marais, I am planning a trip to Italy next year and hope to see some pieces then.

  8. Truly amazing video clips!!!

  9. I find Cubism also very inspiring as an art movement, and would really like to visit museum in “Le Marais”.

  10. Very beautiful and inspiring. I love the videos. Great work of art.

  11. The video clips are interesting although I have to say I’m one of those people that is not a fan of Picasso.

  12. gav

    great video anthony

  13. Awesome is not a perfect word to describe your post. its excellent pal. the short description the vibrant video. all fabulous

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