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Web Design Podcasts

I find it very easy to take in information via audio and have found podcast’s an especially useful resource of great web design and business information and the medium is coming of age nicely. Following is my list of my favourite web design podcasts.

Boagworld Podcast

This podcast aims to provide news and advice on website design and management without overwhelming you with techno babble! Hopefully it has something for everybody, whether you design, develop or run websites on a daily basis.

Media Artist Secrets

This podcast is well presented and is aimed at all media artist’s, the emphasis is on motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs and also features some great business hints and tips.

.Net Mag

The .Net Magazine podcast is well put together and usually features industry news and reviews and an in depth interview with a leading web designer / developer.

Small Biz Podcast

The UK’s first small business podcast. Interviews and practical advice for startups and businesses of all sizes. Real inspiration, real insight and the secrets of success from real entrepreneurs.

Rissington Podcast

John Oxton and Jon Hicks, broadcasting from their ex-RAF base office in Upper Rissington. Think of it as a web-geek version of Gardeners Question Time!

WordPress Podcast

The WordPress Podcast is a great way to keep up-to-date on all things WordPress including plugin releases, updates, news and reviews and sometimes interviews and guest speakers.

Tweak Podcast

Tweak is all about the small stuff, making small adjustements in your life and business can make a big difference. This podcast is excellently presented and covers the process of web design in great detail from a freelance designers perspective.

South by South West Podcast

From the SXSW conference; the speakers are great quality and alot of its great listening from a multitude of web design and technology related industry leaders.

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16 Responses to Web Design Podcasts

  1. You should also try Freelance Radio from or you can find it on iTunes 😀

  2. agree with Grant
    you should try other service
    just do a msn search and you will find some

  3. @Grant; checked out Freelance Switch podcast, not bad but doesn’t make it into my favorite list.

    @Jason; The podcasts are my favorite picks, probably the better quality ones out there.

    Please do point me in the direction of any other great design podcasts

  4. I dont really know any other great design podcast.
    sry men, try to search it.
    will let you know if i find some

  5. Thanks for the list, has taken me an hour or so to review. I have a limited amount of time so I only want to add one to my RSS feed. boagworld gets my vote!!

  6. Boagworld is definetly entertaining, they rant on quite a bit but its a very friendly show and great to hear from a real world agency.

  7. Well a good lot of information from them.. They are really interesting and informative..Thanks for the list.

  8. Great stuff, I need to look into offering a podcast service to my web clients.

  9. Another podcast I am very keen on is the Mind Your Own Business podcast which is aimed at small business, well presented and great quality.

  10. Thanks for the list, only really used .net Mag podcast but I’ll try the others.

  11. Trying out all in the list. Thanks

  12. Mark

    This post could have some good ones:

    Rissington is easily more entertaining than Boagworld but, on the whole, probably less informative!

  13. Very cool podcasts sir. You should check out some of the design vids on Viddler. They add a more personable aspect to design ideas. Like the blog. Keep up the good work!

  14. Really nice list of Podcast. Thanks

  15. Hi,

    Great information

  16. Great list! Boagworld definitely tops them all! some good ones at mccoy site too but do not get my vote.

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