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Natural Hallucinogen Vid

I love these type of things, it worked on me and is quite strange, watch the video all the way through and look away as when it says and look around at something else, I recommend your hands!.

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9 Responses to Natural Hallucinogen Vid

  1. Wow ! 20 seconds was enough for me …

  2. Cool! When done I looked at the text above the video and my browser chrome. That was freaky, even as I write this this damn textarea is undulating on me. 🙂

  3. that lasted far to long for me to even be bovered by the effects!

  4. It is a freaky sensation, for more fun view it in the office and then look at one of your peers faces, it looks like their skins peeling off (which is actually pretty horrid – sorry)

  5. Mike

    It does nothing for me, what was the intended effect?

  6. OMG my head hurt

  7. Tom

    It was most weird when I looked away then back at my monitor screen. Now it looks like the whole page is undulating wave like!

  8. lol, that was weird. it was like everything yiu looked at was morphing!

  9. This really works!!! Nothing can strain your eyes more than this.. yet a good stuff.

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