March 6, 2007 in Web Design News

Web Designing Magazine

Great News, designbit has been featured on Web Designing Magazine. A fantastic publication that supplies up-to-date web design news and showcases great design using tutorials and detailed breakdowns to help web designers improve their skills and to showcase their great work.

Web design and CSS

Designbit and indeed your host are featured on the CSS Analysis section of the glossy mag. I was approached by one of the authors Miki Ofuji whom supplied me with the print before it went live. I gave it the thumbs up and it was published. So I wanted to do a big shout out to Miki Ofuji for the honour, and also for sending me a free copy of the magazine. I feel this is by far my greatest achievement in web design since I have started.

I couldn’t of done it without you

On receiving the magazine I excitedly ran through the pages to find designbit’s piece, on discovering it I noticed the piece was slung over four pages, It was amazing to see my name and work in a web design magazine. I feel like I have won an Oscar and should thanks my family and relatives and the fans of course.

The piece

The piece looked into the CSS on the back end of the website in a lot of detail including how and where I used Divisions and Spans and what Fonts and measurement types I was using. The it showed a few CSS code examples and a breakdown of the division structure.

Didn’t you forget to mention something?

Oh yer the magazine is in Japanese and I cannot read the final print in the magazine – But that doesn’t make it any less of a award – Not for me anyway. As you can tell I am very happy about this award and as a gleaming reminder I have added a photo of the edition in my sidebar for all to see.

Explains the un-Redesign then

So you may have noticed, again, there’s been a few changes round here, this is simply that I want the website to reflect the award winning design which was version 2 of the wordpress theme. So I have tried to meet half way and keep both designs, the original one featured in the magazine and the new style added last month. Hope you don’t mind.

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  1. Way cool, man. That’s quite the honor indeed. Gratz πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Mike, I’ll put in a word for you in Japan – Im big there u know!

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  4. Anthony

    I hope so too. Thanks for the love, I’ll put in a good word for you in Japan too!

  5. Since you cannot read it, I hope it was a nice feature and not a slag-off fest πŸ™‚

    Good Work!

  6. Anthony

    Yer I know what you mean – Thanks. Also Will Has just had a redesign, as has Mike , So congragulations to the both of you on 2 great designs!

  7. Awesome! Shame you can’t read it though. :(. Its always great to get some recognition, and to see something you made (in this case your work being featured) printed professionally. :P. Not sure if that made sense, but you must know what I mean?!

  8. Congrats! The recognitions takes us on a higher level of appreciation!

  9. Anthony

    Thanks, that means a lot coming from a web design guru πŸ™‚

  10. good to see your getting noticed i always find your articles a great read

  11. Congratulations!
    Very good articles as well πŸ™‚

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