December 24, 2006 in Web Design News

Featured on Gallery

I am very proud to announce that DesignBit has been featured on a few CSS and web design galleries. I am especially proud that one of the gallery websites is a liquid design gallery. Liquid designs is a website dedicated to fluid and elastic web design with CSS.

Somebody has submitted DesignBit web design as a worthy site. I love the fact that this gallery site is pushing people to make their websites in liquid and elastic form. I discovered that Designbit had been accredited after trying out a few search terms and performing some simple search engine optimization on the site, including searching for keywords on the site. I typed in some keywords and found that it was indexed along side the word showcase and gallery. I clicked on the link and to my surprise I saw my site on thumbnail pic on a gallery website.

more design galleries

I have also discovered that DesignBit has been showcased on CSS Remix , CSS Bloom,CSS Website,CSS Collection,lightondark, and CSS Galleries all sites that I frequent and would recommend to other web designers. The CSS Gallery and web design galleries usually showcase top websites and are a sometimes a great place for designers to gain some insperation.

what is elastic design?

Elastic design means that designbit is coded in a relative measurement type. This means that elements on the page are relative to the size of the text not the browser width. So when a user increases the text size the elements will widen with the text. Elastic designs are one of the hardest designs to initially pull off but after you get used to the idea of relative text sizing they are quite easy to implement. By setting the text size in em’s the whole layout scales.

testing the design

You can test the elastic layout by increasing the text size from within your browser, go to your browsers view option and click on increase/decrease to see the text size change and the layout adjust with the text size. A quicker way of doing this is by holding your control key and pressing your plus key(+) to increse text size or minus key(-) to decrease your text size.

further reading

For further in depth reading I would reccomend Blue anvils going liquid with em’s, also watch this space as I will be posting a follow up article.

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  1. Congrats on the galleries Anthony, The site deserves it, it looks this good and its Elastic!

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