December 24, 2006 in Web Design News

Featured on Gallery

I am very proud to announce that DesignBit has been featured on a few CSS and web design galleries. I am especially proud that one of the gallery websites is a liquid design gallery. Liquid designs is a website dedicated to fluid and elastic web design with CSS.

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December 23, 2006 in Design Process, Misc

First Rule of Web Design

You dont talk about prices. Second rule of web design is? You don’t talk about prices. If you are looking into buying a website for your company and are wondering how much a website will cost you, then in most cases you may as well give in looking as most UK and worldwide companies hide their prices until they know who you are by the means of an annoying quote form or worse. There are two sides to this argument the first arguing that it’s because you cannot possibly estimate a “real” project cost, and the other camp voices that you should be honest about your prices from the get go.

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December 20, 2006 in Design Process, Misc

Hit a Slump, Dont Panic

Every now and then you hit a low point or slump in your creativity, a stage where you start to question yourself and sometimes your skills. The slump can bring frustration to a project very easliy and now that I am a few years into my web design career and I thought I would share my experiences with the slump and how to overcome those tiresome moments.

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December 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

Is SEO Sleazy and Unethical?

From a usability perspective, designing a website to be read by a search engine will inevitably lead to poor readability and usability. SEO seems like a way of hacking away at the structure of your website and implementing keyword schemes and accepting reciprocal links from companies and individuals that you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole in real life. Sounds kind of sleazy to me.

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December 18, 2006 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

Your Business Needs a Blog

In this article I will point out a new way of marketing your business website by using a blog. Why should you care about blogging, that’s just something web designers or egotistical teenagers do to look cool in class. If Microsoft believes that business blogging is important then who are we to ignore it?.

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