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WordPress Designer News – WP Fastest Cache Plugin Update

A simpler way to make your website faster. WP Fastest Cache. This plugin creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. Wh...

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WordPress Designer News – WordPress 4.0 RC1

With the release of WordPress 4.0 just around the corner, the first Release Candidate has been made available. In Release Candidate 1 th...

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Blog Design Inspiration – The Web Development Group

This weeks Blog Design Inspiration is from the Web Development Group. The Web Development Group use a traditional desktop navigation, wit...

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WordPress Designer News – SP News and Scrolling Widgets

Every CMS website will need some form of news section. SP News allows you to add, manage and display news with the SP News Widget, allowi...

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WordPress Designer News – MH Purity lite Theme Update

MH Purity lite 1.0.7 is the latest updated version from the well known MH Themes stable. This is the free version of the MH Purity WordPr...

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WordPress Designer News – Portfolio Gallery Update

Portfolio Gallery is great when it comes to creating a portfolio or gallery - The plugin allows you to add descriptions and titles for each ...

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Five Popular WordPress Ecommerce Plugins and Why You Need Them

Five Popular Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins and Why You Need Them There is nothing short of a winning lottery ticket that is going to make you ...

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WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Solutions

The WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder is one of the newest additions to the WordPress family. It enables the user to design the layout...

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How casinos have made the transition to the online world

A lot has changed in the gambling world. New technology, legislation and the current economic climate are all turning yesterday’s casi...

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WordPress Security hole found in SEO plugin

Theres a new version of the popular WordPress All In One SEO plugin. The new plugs a security hole after a vulnerability was found. Your ...