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WordPress Designer News – Give These Bootstrap Themes A Try

In 2013, Bootstrap joined the flat design element of the world, with its 3.0 release and a new optional theme. The default box model and ...

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WordPress Designer News – Staffer Plugin

Did You Want To Add Staff Management To Your WordPress Website? You can do just that with the newly approved Plugin called Staffer. You ...

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Blog Design Inspiration – Re/code

Re/code is an independent tech news, reviews and analysis site, here you will find articles written by the most informed and respected journ...

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WordPress Designer News – MineZine Theme Update

MineZine is an easily customisable WordPress Blog, Magazine and eCommerce theme. It is a fully responsive theme, allowing for easy viewi...

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WordPress Designer News – Theme Check Plugin

If you want to check your latest theme against the latest WordPress Standards and practices, then the Theme Check plugin is one you won't w...

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WordPress Designer News – Portfolio Gallery Update

Portfolio Gallery is great when it comes to creating a portfolio or gallery - The plugin allows you to add descriptions and titles for each ...

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Five Popular WordPress Ecommerce Plugins and Why You Need Them

Five Popular Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins and Why You Need Them There is nothing short of a winning lottery ticket that is going to make you ...

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WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Solutions

The WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder is one of the newest additions to the WordPress family. It enables the user to design the layout...

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How casinos have made the transition to the online world

A lot has changed in the gambling world. New technology, legislation and the current economic climate are all turning yesterday’s casi...

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WordPress Security hole found in SEO plugin

Theres a new version of the popular WordPress All In One SEO plugin. The new plugs a security hole after a vulnerability was found. Your ...